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Day of Action

Day of Action

Thanks for getting involved in the Save Our Cypress Campaign. The
following resources will be invaluable as you construct your own Save
Our Cypress Campaign in your local area.


pdf Save Our Cypress Action Manual 215.28 Kb

doc Sample Letter to Store Manager 28.50 Kb

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doc Day of Action Flier 175.50 Kb

doc Postcards, Print Ready – Front & Back

jpg Nov 17 Day of Action- Cypress Seedling Certificate of Adoption 254.23 Kb

jpg Cypress Seedling Cut-Out 37.16 Kb – You can print off a couple copies, cut out a similarly shaped piece
of cardboard, glue your prints to the cardboard, "plant" it in some
sort of cup or pot, and voila, you’ve got a cypress sapling to deliver
to the local store manager.

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pdf Waterkeeper Alliance White Paper 359.17 Kb

pdf Save Our Cypress Campaign Action Manual 406.72 Kb
information on the cypress issue and details on getting involved with
the campaign.
As you probably know, cypress forests throughout the Gulf are being
clear-cut to make cypress garden mulch. These swamps are our best
natural storm and flooding protection, and they provide important
habitat for endangered species.

The Save Our Cypress Coalition is demanding that Wal-Mart, Home
Depot, and Lowe’s end the sale of this destructive and unnecessary
product. Sustainable alternatives like pine straw and melaleuca mulch

Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s agree that this is a serious
problem, but that’s about where the agreement stops. They say their
suppliers promise that nothing is coming from endangered forests, but
they’ve got no proof to back that up. The Save Our Cypress Coalition
has a ton of evidence showing that the mulch is indeed coming from
where they claim it isn’t. Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot are not
taking this threat seriously. They need to abandon this destructive

Read the Save Our Cypress Action Manual for more info.